+  What are your rates?

Counseling sessions are 60 minutes and cost $100. If you cannot afford my full rate, please let me know as I do have a few sliding scale spots available.


+  What insurance do you accept?

Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Humana, Aetna, AmBetter, Centpatico, WellCare, Multiplan, Amerigroup. My billing associate  can verify your benefits with the following information:

  • Name of insured

  • Date of Birth (for you and insured, if different)

  • Home address

  • Name of insurance company (Aetna, BCBS, etc.)

  • ID # / Group #

We  process payments from your insurance company, information regarding when you’ve met deductibles, and outstanding balances/credits when needed.


+  What types of payment do you accept?

I accept all major credit cards, health savings accounts, funds from flexible spending accounts, cash, and checks. Cash and checks are always appreciated from a processing standpoint, as I don’t have to contribute the 3% processing fees to the corporate overlords.


+  How long will I be in therapy?

The answer to this question depends – you saw that coming, right? I have clients who come to therapy with a time-limited issue that can often be resolved in a matter of 6-8 visits. I have other clients who come in to work on longstanding patterns of emotional management and relationship patterns and this work often proceeds over a period of months beginning with weekly or bi-weekly sessions and then decreasing to monthly maintenance appointments. Mostly, I take my lead from you – if you want to keep checking in or expand from the issues that initially brought you in, I’m happy to continue as long as you are benefitting from our time together. I’m also available if we culminate work on your initial issues, but you need to resume  later for different reasons.


+  What is the best way to contact you?

Please email me! Even if I am seeing several clients back-to-back during the day, I can usually find a second or two to pull up my email and send a quick response. Due to my priority to use my in-office time for client contact, I often have to put off returning phone calls and voicemails until the following day. If you want the quickest response, please email me at kendall@kpwcounseling.com. You can contact me via 706-405-4137, but be aware this number is not text accessible.


+  Where is your office located and is it ADA accessible?

My office is located at 2340 Prince Avenue, which is near the intersection of Hawthorne and the loop. My office suite has dedicated parking and is located at the back of the building. While the building is wheelchair accessible, my office is located upstairs. The good news is that I can coordinate scheduling with one of my colleagues on the ground floor to insure access for our appointments. Please contact me in advance should this be a requirement.


+  Do you provide free consultations?

Yes and no. I typically do not set aside a full hour for an initial consultation. I am happy to discuss, prior to our working together,  issues of fit and appropriateness via email or phone as needed so you have the best chance at finding the connection you need.


+  What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment please do so at least 24-hours in advance. I have a reminder system that sends emails or texts 48-hours before your appointment to help with this process. I understand that toddlers with fevers, broken water mains, and flat tires do not necessarily announce their intentions ahead of time and I always take such things into consideration as long as last-minute requests are the exception and not the rule. No-shows without any advanced word or warning will be charged a $110 cancellation fee, no exceptions.


+  Athens is a small town – what if we run into each other or have friends/associates in common?

You are right, Athens is much smaller than people realize. We are likely to run into each other. If and when that happens, I will take my lead from you. If you want to give me a nod of recognition, say a quick hello, or chat for a minute I am happy to do so. If you quickly look away and pretend we have never laid eyes on one another before, I will do the same. My main concern is to never put you in a position of explaining to someone you are with how you know me. That is yours to disclose or not and on your own terms, not without forewarning in the produce section of Kroger.


+  Can we connect on social media?

Nope. We won’t be friends on Facebook, we won’t follow each other on Instagram, and I don’t even do Twitter or Snapchat. This stands for current and former clients. We need these boundaries to ensure that  I can be who you need me to be when we are in session together.


+  Are you a doctor? Do you prescribe medications?

Again, no on both counts. My licensure is LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) and I am a Master’s level trained clinician. I do work with and consult with local psychiatrists and medical practitioners to help my clients connect with prescribers should they decide they want to pursue medication management as well as talk therapy for what they are dealing with.


+  Do you offer teletherapy or video sessions?

My preferred approach is in-person connection as my primary avenue of service. I often find that too much can be missed when we interact via technology. However, I do offer teletherapy/video sessions on a short term basis for established clients who may be traveling within the state, have transportation issues, childcare issues, etc.